What Is The Career Scope In Graphic Design?

Picture Your Graphic Design Career

What is that one career which has a hand in virtually every field you look at? It’s Graphic design. Graphic Designers work on the websites you visit, the advertisements you come across, the movies you watch, the games you play, and the attractive packaging for the products you purchase. And although an eye for design cannot essentially be taught, most graphic designers have been in an art or design school to get where they are in their respective careers. Universal Computer Art (UCA) can support you to get there too—in less time and for far less money with graphic designing courses in Thane.

Work for Others or Work for Yourself – Choice Is Yours

With a dynamic career in graphic design, you have the options of working in advertising, publishing, public relations, media, corporate design, and a series of other industries. And while most graphic designers operate for a company, in 2019 nearly 56% of them were their own bosses. If you’ve got an imaginative soul, the flexibility to prosper on your own is in your favour. According to the global statistics, the average pay for graphic designers was quite high—which will rank in the top 15 professions if broken out separately. In terms of job growth, it’s estimated to grow at 13%.

Generating A Variety of Jobs With A Graphic Design Certification

A graphic design course expands your options to embrace a diverse palette of creative careers that can go on to leadership positions in extremely creative organizations such as advertising agencies and commercial design firms. Here are the top jobs after the competition of graphic design course:

  1. Art Director
  2. Creative Director
  3. Drafter (Architecture and Engineering)
  4. Film and Video Editor
  5. Graphic Designer
  6. Industrial/Product Designer
  7. Marketing Manager
  8. Multimedia Artist/Animator
  9. Technical Writer
  10. Web Designer

It may have been different in the past, but in the present days, most people who seek to become graphic designers using high-tech computers to produce their art. From Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash to Corel Draw and—the list goes on and on when it comes to bringing your imagination into reality. If you can use these programs effectively to create art, then taking up any project would be easier.

Save Big When You Start with UCA Graphic Designing Courses

When you do enroll in art/design school or go for big job prospects, don’t you want the ability to take as many creative work without wasting time on confusions?

That’s where UCA can help you out. Our graphic designing courses train you so that you become top graphic designing professional. So, why not take your skill development from us?

So what are you waiting for? Get started now! Your graphic design career is just a few courses away. Make the most of your creative skills now!