iOS App Development Course in Thane

Iphone Application Development In Mumbai | Learn iOS Mobile App Development.

At UCA, we provide one-on-one training in iOS. We conduct advanced level practices with our students. So making projects on iOS is what we focus on. In addition, we also provide corporate training in iOS applications development. This kind of corporate style training is not taught at any IOS classes in Mumbai. That is why, UCA is the best iOS mobile app development training Institute in Mumbai.

Why To Learn IOS?

iOS is the current day lifesaver. It makes our life so much simple with the help of just 1 click on our cell phones. iOS apps have a major demand in the IT industry. There are hardly any iOS application developers in the world. These apps are created in ‘Objective C’ or ‘Swift’. Whereas, the tutorials on how to make iOS applications are rather too confusing. So just to make it easier for you, we give a 32 hour practical-only training course on making Iphone app development.

Objectives :

At the ending of the iOS training course in Mumbai, you will be able to:

  • Code effortlessly and learn to create various kinds of applications.
  • develop iOS apps using Swift.
  • Be trained how to use web services.
What you will learn from this course :

When you study iOS with us, you get to :

  • Learn how to make use of camera, GPS, microphone, etc.
  • Work on live projects.
  • Code social media integration into the app.
Prerequisites :

Everyone can learn IOS without any prior knowledge. We will guide you from scratch to a level where you will become an advance IOS developer.

Duration: 6 Weeks (Sat-Sun Day)

iOS Syllabus :

  • iOS – swift Development
  • Getting Started
  • Environment Setup
  • variables
  • methods
  • conditional statements
  • building first application
  • ios application lifecycle
  • understanding MVC design pattern in ios
  • ios app controls
  • multiple view applications
  • sqlite Database
  • building note taking application
  • sending mail
  • audio and video
  • file handling
  • accessing maps
  • finish and submit to ios store

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