Digital Animation 2D Course in Thane

Discover the exciting world of design

This certificate combines together design techniques, Visual thinking, Concept development, composition and typography with a focus on mastering the digital tools for today’s design world. Learn how to translate a command of design software into intelligent as well as powerful visual communication by joining animation institutes.

Duration: 3 Months | Project: 1 Months

Lesson 1
The Fundamentals of Computer : Reviews the revolution of computing, operating systems, History of GUI’s(Graphical User Interfaces), Design Techniques, Communication and Connectivity, Secondary Storage (Optical Storage), Printers & Printing, Object Linking & Embedding, Navigatting the Web, Intro to File System, Control Panel, Accessories & Print

Lesson 2
Computer Aided Illustrations(CorelDraw) : CorelDraw is a vector illustration and page layout program, offering creation tools and outstanding output capabilities that integrate into existing workflows & This lesson addresses Advertising Layouts, Logos, Typography & Illustrations.

Lesson 3
Flash : Interactive design tool for the Web or on CD-ROM. When designers think dynamic, they think Macromedia Flash. The vector-based tool, rapidly taking over the Web, can create everything from simple animations to entire sites. In this lesson course, you’ll develop a deep understanding for basic drawing and animating tools in Flash, mastering such critical interface elements as layers, scenes, nested symbols, and movie clips. You’ll create an animated logo, a cityscape, a splash screen, a basic Flash site interface, and more.

Lesson 4
Graphics Using Photoshop : This lesson addresses Image Editing Applications in the Animation, Imaging for the Web, File Formats and Color Palettes, Optimization Strategies, Creative Sourcing, Filters, Interactivity, Cutting-Edge Aesthetics.

Lesson 5
Audio Technology : This lesson addresses Sound Concept, About Main Screen, Timing, Data Windows, Recording, Capturing, Editing, Navigation, Sound & Output Formats, Direct X, Processing Techniques, Tools, MIDI, Play & Regions List, Synchronization & Optimizing Sound Forge & Audio attributes.

Lesson 6
Advanced Typography : Tap the power of the type in visual communication. Typography, technology, and culture are intertwined. The letterform (in the right hands) has the power to communicate meaning and mood through its quirks and beauty, its history and diversity. In this lesson course, you’ll learn advanced concepts in typography, building your portfolio through hands-on projects. The focus of the course is on improving your design by learning to see type differently. But who knows, in time you may find yourself dreaming about typography!

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