Web Designing Course

Introduction to Internet and Web

This Certificate blends design techniques, Visual thinking, Concept development, composition and typography with a focus on mastering the digital tools for today’s design world. Learn how to translate a command of design software into intelligent and powerful visual communication.

Duration: 3 Months | Project: 1 Months

Lesson 1
Introduction to Internet and Web :

  • Careers in web Designing.
  • Types of Websites.
  • How the websites works?
  • Web designing software’s
  • Introduction to Internet and Web

Lesson 2
Code Editor- Dreamweaver :

  • Introduction
  • Preferences and Workspace
  • The first Website in Dreamweaver
  • Setting up Sites and Servers
  • Code Accessibility
  • Building Style Sheet for Web Pages
  • Working with Text
  • Inserting Images
  • Establishing Web Links
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  • Working with DIVs and AP Elements
  • Using Built in Behaviors
  • Setting up Tables, Frames, and Framesets
  • Interactive Forms
  • Creating Lists
  • Using Timelines
  • Spry and AJAX Pages
  • Including Multimedia Elements
  • Enhancing Productivity and Website Management