Web Multimedia Course in Thane

Learn techniques for creating superior Web graphics

This web designing course in Thane highlights the discipline of graphic design with a focus on the emerging field of Web Design. Learn design techniques, visual thinking, concept development, composition and typography, and how to translate this knowledge into intelligent and powerful visual communication on the Web. The field of Web design rewards a unique blend of technical skills, creativity, visual communication, information science, and entrepreneurship.

Duration: 6 Months | Project: 1 Months

Lesson 1
The Fundamentals of Computer : Reviews the revolution of computing,operating systems, History of GUI’s(Graphical User Interfaces),Design Techniques, Communication and Connectivity, Secondary Storage(Optical Storage),Printers & Printing, Object Linking & Embedding, Navigation the Web, Intro to File System, Control Panel, Accessories & Print Brush, Word Processing,Presentation Graphics, Compression Utilities (WinZIP, Arj).

Lesson 2
Internet Basic : History of Internet, About Connectivity, How does Internet works, Data Communication & Network, Internet Application, Connection & Protocols, Email, Newsgroups, Chart, Instant Messaging, Web Auction, Electronic Payment, Intro to FTP, Telnet, WWW(World Wide Web), What is an URL, Web Portal, Best and Important Websites, Search Engines, Intranet, Extranets, Firewalls, Intro to Audio & Video and VRML, Intro to Digital Cameras & Photography.

Lesson 3
Computer Aided Image Editing (PhotoShop) & GIF Animation : Photoshop is the premiere Image Manipulation tool for the Print, Photography, Videography and the Web.

Lesson 4
Web Graphics Using Photoshop/lmageReady : This lesson addresses Image Editing Applications in the Advertising, Publications, Photography & Videography. Imaging for the Web, File Formats and Color Palettes, Optimization Strategies, Creative Sourcing, Animation and Interactivity, Cutting-Edge Aesthetics.

Lesson 5
Web Typography : If you can read this, thank a Web type designer,ln this course, you’ll explore the parameters of typography on the Web, learning how to set text that welcomes the reader’s eye, from letter¬perfect lettering to full-page layouts. Introduction to Web Type, Creating Graphic Text, Formatting Text with HTML and CSS.

Lesson 6
Audio Technology for the web (Sound Forge) : This lesson addresses Sound Concept, About Main Screen, Timing, Data Windows, Recording,Capturing, Editing, Navigation, Sound & Output Formats, Direct X, Processing Techniques, Tools, MIDI, Play & Regions List, Synchronization & Optimizing Sound Forge & Audio attributes.

Lesson 7
Web Graphics Using Fireworks : This lesson addresses Imaging for the Web, File Formats and Optimization Strategies, Slicing, GIF’s Animating ,Effects, Pop-up Menus, Creative Sourcing, Animation and Interactivity.

Lesson 8
Dreamweaver : Learn to build Web sites using the premiere design tool , Macromedia’s Dreamweaver is the preferred HTML editor of professional Web designers, Dreamweaver integrates a host of design tools in one easy-to-use application. Without any advanced HTML knowledge, you can design sophisticated sites, creating advanced layouts by using tables, colors, style sheets, frames, and more. You’ll be weaving dreams on the Web before you know it!

Lesson 9
Flash : Interactive design tool for the Web. When designers think dynamic, they think Macromedia Flash. The vector-based tool, rapidly taking over the Web, can create everything from simple animations to entire sites. In this lesson course, you’ll develop a deep understanding for basic drawing and animating tools in Flash, mastering such critical interface elements as layers, scenes, nested symbols, and movie clips. You’ll create an animated logo, a cityscape, a splash screen, a basic Flash site interface, and more.

Lesson 10
HTML Basics : This course introduces students to the foundations of Web design (information design, site content, site structure, and page design) as well as basic through intermediate HTMUXHTML (including many basic tags, as well as hyperlinks, lists, and basic tables, frames, and cascading style sheets).

Lesson 11
Advance HTML+DHTML : The Advance HTML course continues with advanced HTMUXHTML code, including more complex tables and frames, style sheets, and forms. Participants will be introduced to XML, CGI, and JavaScript. Legal, copyright and contract issues will also be explored. Additionally, introductory information regarding project management, marketing, and e-commerce will be covered. All lessons include relevant information regarding accessibility.

Lesson 12
Web Multimedia : This course introduces students to the foundations of Web multimedia. General concepts related to Web multimedia are discussed as well as the development, acquisition, and integration of basic multimedia elements. Hands-on practice in manipulating multimedia files is incorporated into the course. All lessons include relevant information regarding accessibility and project management.

Lesson 13
Web Interface Design : Intro Anfy JAVA, ASP, liS, Creating Java Applets, Chat, Image Maps, Bullets & Banner Advertising.

Lesson 14
WordPress : Setting up your hosting / server for WordPress

  • Installing a new copy of WordPress
  • Creating a Database for your website or blog
  • Admin / Dashboard panel basics
  • Installing your theme
  • Minor alteration / customization of themes
  • Writing your first post
  • Updating personal settings
  • Updating profile
  • Edit general settings
  • Changing template
  • Adding a post
  • Using the visual editor
  • Adding hyperlinks
  • Using categories and tags
  • Managing categories and tags
  • Changing your writing and reading settings
  • Managing and moderating comments
  • Trackbacks and pingbacks
  • Discussion settings
  • Adding and deleting a page
  • Paste copy from Word
  • Paste as plain text
  • Changing the page order
  • Adding a photo
  • Adding a video
  • Adding other content (.pdf, .doc, etc.)
  • Managing uploaded content
  • Media settings
  • Changing the header image / logo image
  • Typekit fonts
  • Customizing your sidebar with widgets
  • Managing recent comments
  • Installing Google Analytics on your website or blog
  • Tracking your statistics
  • Customizing your dashboard’s appearance

Lesson 15
Web Project Management : A step-by-step guide to designing successful web sites. In the Final Project in which you’ll integrate everything you’ve learned in the course.

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