• Duration: 3 Months
  • Reguler: Mon, Wed, Fri 2 Hours.
  • Weekend: Sat., Sun. 3 Hours.


Adobe Flash is recognized as the top revolutionary vector-based design and animation software. It is a tool for generating animation and multimedia content that shows constantly across desktops, mobile devices and various browsers.At UCC, we provide our students with best web designing course in Thane. Our course will train you on how to make Flash projects using animation techniques for both beginners and advanced users. This expertise will help you to make videos with bidirectional streaming of audio and video, games, or any kind of computer animations. The course will also train you on how to build more dynamic and modern websites, animated banner, lively button, spokes character and so on.

Our Adobe Flash course will help you learn in the best industry authoring environment for creating interactive experiences. This course is delivered by the latest versions of Adobe software from the Adobe Creative Cloud.

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